Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"I Don't Have Time To Write"

If you’re a student and love to write but can’t find the time I have some suggestions that might help. Obviously, if you can’t find time you must be a good student because you spend a lot of time doing homework. And if you like to write you must read a lot because that is where you get inspiration and learn how the language works.

So, when can you write? How about lunchtime? If you know others who write you could start a critique group and sit together at lunch. Critique groups are priceless because you get multiple suggestions on fixing boring characters or plotlines.

How about the bus ride to and from school? It might be jiggly writing, but when you get home you could type it up and add more thoughts. Or maybe just make lists and notes about characters, plots, climaxes, etc. You may discover others who wish to talk about your stories or read them.
Any road-trip, even to the grocery store, provides forced-seating time that is wasted. I always carry a special spiral notebook in the car door pocket and a clipboard with another spiral notebook and a pen. That way every minute is usable; even stoplights. I even carry a small voice recorder in my purse to record immediate ideas when I absolutely can’t stop and write them down.

Let’s say you’re in charge of dinner prep one night. Make spaghetti and while waiting for the water to boil and noodles to cook – WRITE. There’s plenty of time to jot ideas or flesh out a character. Then do some more while the garlic bread bakes. Piece of cake!
But I wouldn’t suggest actually working on your story as in writing it until you have quiet; like just before bed. Or you could set your alarm for an hour before necessary in the mornings and write while the house is quiet. I know a lot of writers who do that.

Hopefully these ideas will help you stop saying you don’t have time to write and Just Do It!


Karen McGrath said...

These are great ideas, Rebecca! Thanks for sharing. :)

Susanne Drazic said...

All great ideas!