Friday, November 5, 2010

Interview with Azin Sildanel, Handsome but Obnoxious Character

Following is an interview I, um, conducted (with some effort, I might add) with Azin Sildanel, a character from The Relics of Nanthara: The Secrets Revealed, Book 1 of The Relics Trilogy written by Nick G. Giannaras. It’s due out June 2011 at MuseItUp Publishing.

Azin Sildanel was quite a character indeed, living up to his reputation as a rouge and scoundrel. But read his following interview and decide for yourself.
Needless to say, once the interview ended I had a cup of Chamomile tea just to calm my nerves.

ME: Azin, Please state your name and age.
He huffed with his feet propped up on my desk. “Azin Sildanel. Is it really that important to know my age for this interview?”
Not wanting to be too negative early in the interview I simply frowned.
Azin smirked and shook his head. “Fine. Several hundred years old.”

ME: Where are you from (born)?
“I’m from the continent of Nanthara. My family resided in Maugal Deep, a sinister realm that borders Darkwater Bay.”

ME: How about family. Parents?
Azin threw up his hands. “Well, how do you think I got here?”                        

ME: Siblings?

ME: Pets?
Azin shakes his head “no”.

ME: Do you at least have any Best Friends?
“My wife would be the closest thing. Other than that, I don’t have time for friends.” He paused. “Well, I kinda liked the cleric, Courtar. For a pesky teen, he grew on me a bit.”

ME: Do you have a job?
“I don’t know if you would call being an assassin a job.”    

ME: Are you still in school?
“I said I’m an assassin. Hello?”

ME: What are/were your favorite classes? Why?
Azin looked out the window and thumbed at Rebecca. “Obviously, this chick doesn’t understand the previous two questions.”

ME: Sorry, but these forms are pretty routine. Are/Were you an outsider/insider/recluse/joiner?
“I tend to keep to myself. I have to.”

ME: What are your hopes/plans for the future?
“To live through this war and get rich. Maybe have a family again . . . like that’s gonna happen.”

ME: What would you change about your life?
“I’m not changing me. I like me the way I am.”  

ME: What do you like best about your life? Worst?
“Best? My fighting skills and my ability to irritate others. It’s fun,” Azin said with a mischievous grin.
“Worst? . . . hmmm, losing my family because of what I am.”

ME: Have you ever been in trouble with the law? If so, why?
Azin sucked his teeth in thought. “The Maugal Deep government, an entire Alkani realm, the Westshire law where Courtar found me.”
“Why? Well, I tend to get a bit rowdy when I drink, lose a bet, kill people. Most of that was in Westshire. Most of my running dealt with fleeing for my life from the Maugal Deep government when I failed to carry out their orders to murder folks they deemed antagonists against their wicked views.”
Azin pointed an angry finger at me. “And don’t say I’m tender-hearted.”
I grinned and shook my head no.

ME: What is your favorite hobby?
“I don’t have one. I’m too busy trying to survive all this chaos exploding everywhere.”

ME: If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Why?
Azin rubbed his chin. “Hmm, probably in an isolated home in a non-populated forest in the eastern part of Nanthara. I’m tired of people. Always griping about something.”

ME: How would you describe yourself?
“Skilled, athletic, handsome, debonair. Actually, I tend to consider myself an extraordinaire.”
I threw him a puzzled look. “Really? In what?”
Azin grew a sly smile and bounced his eyebrows up and down. “Eeeeverything.”

ME: Can you drive a car? Had any accidents or tickets?
“What is a car?”                 

ME: Okay, no cars. So what is your favorite kind of vehicle? Why?
“Vehicle? If you are referring to a method of transportation, I’d have to say a horse. They are quicker than I can run and a good choice to get away when things are looking kinda crappy.”

ME: Are you an omnivore or vegetarian? Why?
“I’ll eat about anything, but I prefer more meat than those leafy things. If I’m going to eat something, I want it to fill me and stick to my ribs.”

ME: Do you attend church regularly? Why or why not?
Azin chuckled. “Church? You are kidding, right?”
My scowl forced him to continue. “Alright, alright. Don’t get your hair in a frizzy. I can’t see some big, invisible being orchestrating my life. I dictate what I do, nobody else. Besides, I hear he loves us. He didn’t show that when my family was slaughtered. Why believe in that?”

ME: Do you believe in an afterlife? Reincarnation?
“I’m not sure on either of those. The once you’re dead, you’re dead idea makes sense to me.”

ME: Do you believe in evil? Demons?
Azin’s lips stretched into a devious grin. “At times, I am a demon . . . as for evil? It’s everywhere. You’ll really see it in Nanthara.”

ME: Do you believe in angels?
“You mean those things with wings? I’ve heard of them. Never seen one, though.”

ME: Tell us about your role in the story.
“My true role or the way I think the role should be?”
I drummed my fingers with disapproval.
“Fine. My role is an assassin, running for my life, until I get caught up in this gathering of folks from everywhere like it is stated by prophecy. We are trying to defeat the Dark One.”

ME: What is the title of the book you are in? Who wrote it?
“The Relics of Nanthara: The Secrets Revealed, Book 1 of The Relics Trilogy. Some Greek guy named Nick G. Giannaras. You can tell by that long weird-sounding name. Apparently, he’s making three books on this subject. All I can say is he better not kill me.”
ME: What do you think of the other characters in the story with you?
“Most of them irritate me. Like I said, Courtar is alright. Boren, the Dwergen, has been like a thorn in my side since we met. The two paladins sit upon their own pedestal, thinking they are righteous and all. The monk is quiet, but he can fight. E’Umae is a hottie, but she’s a bit emotional for me. The Nivvicks Blaze and Eldren are entertaining. I like hanging around them. The big brute Dreg is kinda dumb, but he’s too valuable not to have around in a fight. As for the other Alkani, Arythin and Elissar, they are good rangers, but they didn’t impress me too much.”
ME: What problem are you trying to solve?
“Well, these stupid ancient prophecies say that these four relics of legendary power, supposedly created by Sovereign himself, will fall into the hands of an evil guy, the Dark One. When he gets them, we’ll be finished. Done. Dead. The group I am part of is trying to find either the relics or the scrolls to help defeat the Dark One.”
ME: Tell us about the ‘bad guy’ or situation that causes you a problem.
Azin chortled. “And people complain about me. The Dark One. Apòlladan. The definition of what evil is. The dark abomination bent on destroying the existence of anyone not willing to follow him. Nobody is close enough or serves him enough to be considered exempt from death. You can’t convert or change this guy. The best thing to do is kill him. And it makes it even more difficult when you consider trying to dodge roving bands of foulskin, realms allied to the Dark One, spies, treason, demonic messengers, treacherous travel, assassins. I mean, come on, do I have to go on?”
ME: Anything else you want to tell us?
“Yeah, don’t interview the Dwergen. He’s a pain in the hind parts.”
Azin looked around. “You got any food around here? I figured for having to answer all those questions you would at least have had some ale to drink. Geez.” He gave me a quick glance up and down. “You’re kinda cute. Got any plans later?”
Apparently my grimace forced him to retract his latter offer.


Karen McGrath said...

Great interview, rough going there, Rebecca, but you held your own. I'm glad this one's gonna try to stop the bad guy!

MuseItUp Publishing said...

What an awesome interview. Love the character, love the author who conjured him up, and love the way the interviewer added visuals.

Kudos. Thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Sunnymay said...

He has all the characteristics of the three D's: Disappointing, Disgusted and Dismayed. I use the three D's when I'm really teed off. Reading about a main character staying in character in the interview is one of my favorite things.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Terrific interview. Well done for not antagonising this guy too much. Sounds like Nick has enough for three stories and more besides. Thanks for sharing.