Friday, November 19, 2010

Interview with Penny Lockwood's Eleven-Year-Old Main Character Wendy Wiles

We are talking today with Wendy Wiles, the eleven-year-old main character of Ghost for Rent by Penny Lockwood.

Wendy, tell us where you live? 
Warren, Oregon, USA

Tell us about your world, city, time period, etc.  
I live in a small rural community during the late 1980’s.  Our town is about a half hour away from Portland, which is the largest city in Oregon.  I used to live there, but my parents separated for awhile.  We couldn’t afford to stay in our Portland apartment, so Dad moved us to this old farmhouse in the country.  When we arrived, I met my neighbor, Jennifer.  She told me our house was haunted.

Tell us about your life
Start with your family:  In Ghost for Rent, I live with my mom and my brother, Michael.  My mom and dad are thinking of getting a divorce, so he doesn’t live with us, but we see him. I like to write poetry.  One of my poems was published in a magazine for kids.  Whenever, I get depressed, I write a poem. I like to read Sylvia Plath and Edgar Allen Poe. My dad is a professor at the university in Portland.  My mom wants to be a writer.  When we move to Warren, she gets a job on the local newspaper.  My brother is just a big tease and a brat.

Is there a significant other in your life yet? 
I’m too young to have a boyfriend.

Do you think you want to have your own children eventually? 
No children for a long, long time. I don’t want kids until I’m at least 30 years old.

Do you have any pets? 
I don’t have a pet yet, but my best friend, Jennifer, has a Golden Retriever, Champ, who hangs out with us a lot.

Are you still in school? 
Yes, I’m in 6th grade.

Do you have a job? 
No, too young.  When I grown up, I want to write poetry or be an English teacher in a high school.

Tell us about your friends: 
My best friend in my new town is Jennifer Seth.  She lives on the next street in back of us. We have to go through the woods to get to her house.  She told me about the little boy who haunts our house.  She understands when I tell her about all the strange things that happen in our house.  Not only are we haunted by a little boy (his name is John), but also by his older sister, Ruth.  Jennifer helps me solve the mystery at our house.

What is your position in the book? Are you the Main character, supporting character, etc. 
I am the main character and the one who solves the mystery of what happened to the people who haunt us. 

Do you consider yourself to be a Good Guy or Bad Guy or Neither?
I am a “good guy,” because I help the ghosts tell their story.

Do you enjoy the position you’ve been given or would you prefer someone else’s? 
Sometimes, it’s a little scary being the one the ghosts communicate with, but I also enjoy solving the mystery. 

What is your role or objective in the story?
When Ruth appears to me, I know I have to find out what happened to her and why she died.  It’s also important to find out how her brother, John, died.  My role in the story is to do research and follow clues the ghosts give me to figure out what happened to them and why they are haunting our house.

Do you think you can attain your objective? 
Even though my mom says, “There’s no such thing as ghosts,” I think I can figure out what happened.  If the ghosts didn’t want someone to know, they wouldn’t be trying to communicate with me.

Will you have to change anything about yourself in order to attain your objective?
How do you feel about having to change, if so?  I have to overcome my fear of the things that are happening in our house.

What obstacles are in the way of your achieving or helping someone else achieve the objective for your story? 
The biggest obstacle is my mom, since she doesn’t believe in ghosts. My brother, Mike, is another obstacle since he’s a big tease.  Even though he’s around and sees some of the stuff I see, he tries to tell me he’s responsible.  The other obstacle is the fact Ruth and John died in the 1800’s, so it’s really hard to find information about them and try to track down how and why they died.

How do you think you might overcome those obstacles? 
Whenever something weird happens, I tell my mom.  I hope eventually, she’ll believe me.  My friend, Jennifer, and I go to the library to do research and I hope my brother will take my side and help, too.

Are you a happy or sad person? Why?
I’m a little bit of both. I’m happy I found a new friend, but I’m sad because my mom and dad are having problems.  I miss my dad.  Ruth’s story makes me sad when I figure out what happened to her. It’s hard to move to a new school and make new friends.

What are your hopes and plans for the future? 
I hope my mom and dad get back together again.  I hope my brother stops teasing me.  I hope Jennifer and I will stay friends forever.  I hope I can get a pet of my own.

Do you have a favorite hobby? 
My favorite things to do are reading and writing poetry.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Why? 
I like living in Oregon.  I like the changing seasons, but I also like listening to the rain come down on the roof when I’m in the attic.  I like the big trees and all the flowers in the spring.  I think the Pacific Northwest is the best place.

Have you ever been in trouble with the law?
No, and I don’t think I ever will be.

Do you attend a church or organized religion? Why or why not?
No, we don’t go to church, but my grandma does.  My grandma is Catholic. She’s my mom’s mom.  Mom decided when she was a teenager she didn’t like all the money that got spent on the decorations in the churches, so she stopped going.  She says nature is her religion.  My dad is a scientist and doesn’t believe in church.

Do you believe in an afterlife? Reincarnation? Good vs Evil? Supreme Power? Explain. 
Since our house was haunted by ghosts, I definitely believe in an afterlife.  The other stuff, I’m still not sure about.  When I get older, I plan to study about different religions.

Is there anything else you want us to know about you? 
I think I’m talented and clever at figuring out stuff.  I think I’m going to like living in my new town, now I have a best friend.

Do you have any pictures of yourself? Of your world or where you live?
There’s a picture of my house on the cover of my book.

When can readers buy your book and read your story?
There’s an excerpt from my book at my author’s web site:
There are also reviews on Amazon
And the first chapter on Fictionwise

Where can they find it to buy?
On Amazon (in Kindle):
On Fictionwise (in other ebook formats)

Does your Creator have a website or blog that might have more information about you or your story?
Her blog is
but she hasn’t been talking about me much lately on her blog.  She’s working on the next story about my life, Ghost for Lunch.  There was one mystery which didn’t get solved in Ghost for Rent. In Ghost for Lunch, my brother, my friend, and I have to figure out who’s haunting a local restaurant.

Is this a one-time story or will others be following – like a series? 
There are more stories to come.  Ghost for Lunch is with a publisher, Ghost for Sale, and Ghost for Thespians (both working titles) are planned for the future.

Thank you Wendy, this was a fun interview. I hope your books all sell well and you become quite famous.


Penny Ehrenkranz said...

Rebecca, thanks for letting me come talk about my haunted house. This was fun!

lionmother said...

Very cute and a good way to get into the character of Wendy. I read and reviewed Ghost for Rent and loved it.:) Wendy did a good job of telling us all about what she is living with.:) I thought this was cool and now I might like my character to be interviewed after my book is published.:)

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

So nice to hear from you again, Wendy. I enjoyed reading your story and look forward to your next adventures.

Penny Ehrenkranz said...

Hi Barbara and Bev, thanks for coming to read my interview. I sure had fun answering the questions. I've never been interviewed before! I feel famous now!

Barbara, I'm sure my author would love to have you come visit her blog, too.