Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy New Year to the E-book Phenomenon

Sigh. Christmas day is over. The songs have been sung. The ham has been eaten. The beautifully wrapped presents have been torn open. The glitz is but a dim glow. But the memories will still beam bright. What was your favorite memory or gift? Was it the feast of food and friendship as you gathered around the laden table? The new electronic gadget, especially chosen for you to ignite that sparkle in your eye? Or was it simply the love swelling the room as the family shared in the traditions of the holiday?

I have to admit my favorite present under the tree this year was opening my Kindle. If you would have asked me a year ago, I would have said, ‘no, thank you. I’d never read a book on a screen.’ But the more I read about e-books, the more I learned, and knowing my own books will come out next year as e-books, the more I wanted to try this device for myself. I didn’t expect to get it. My family isn’t into electronic readers either. But as I opened it and instantly went on-line to order a book, I found several faces watching over my shoulder with interest. They all had to try it, marveling how it even feels like a book once it’s in its cover. It was easy to maneuver around and with the ability to make the font bigger or smaller, darker or lighter, I’ve found I could read anywhere, even if I forgot my reading glasses. (grin) I even heard they’re coming out with a color e-reader in 2011 to facilitate ALL books, even picture books.

E-books are a wave of the future. I read January 2011 could be the biggest month ever for e-book sales, as e-readers as Christmas gifts were expected to be a major boom. Random books even expected their 2010 e-book sales to grow over 250 percent. Yes, you read that right. 250 percent. I’ve heard of high schools and colleges that have done away with text books and given students e-readers. I’m sure there are many shoulders saying thank you since they don’t have to lug those ridiculously heavy book bags around anymore. And there are so many different e-readers and gadgets to read e-books. From I-phones to I-pads to e-readers, e-books are here to stay. Even my local small-town library is jumping on board with e-readers and e-books to check out.

Yes, technology is amazing and my Christmas gift of 2010 just reminds me to never say never to the possibilities before us. The future will catch up to you.

Happy New Year to one and all and may your e-books never fade away.

C.K. Volnek


Andrea said...

I'm so happy to see your posting on eBooks. My first book was just published as an eBook. I was a bit nervous about my first time being published being in an electronic format, but suddenly, as you said, it seems to be booming, and definitely a wave of the future. Enjoy your Kindle! I love mine!


Charlie said...

Thanks for dropping by Andrea. I love my Kindle. Never thought I would but I do. And what's even funnier is my husband, who said he'd never read from an e-reader is suddenly borrowing mine all the time and even had me download some stuff for him. Too funny. I do believe it's the future and I'm just going to grab the shirt tales and hang on for my life.

Thanks again. Good luck with your new e-book. May 2011 be very prosperous for you.
C.K. Volnek