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Personal Interview with SciFi/Fantasy Author Nick G. Giannaras

In September of 2010 I interviewed Sci Fi/Fantasy Author, Nick G. Giannaras who is responsible for writing the Upcoming Bestseller The Relics of Nanthara: The Secrets Revealed Book 1 of The Relics Trilogy, due out June 2011. So pour yourself a cup of coffee and pull up a chair .

Did you grow up in a ‘reading’ household? Do you think that made a difference in the amount of reading you do? Did it affect your desire to write?
No. It did not affect the amount I read. I didn’t read a lot when I was younger. It basically was here and there depending on what interested me. I actually wanted to write early on, so the amount of reading I did had no influence.

As a youngster, what did you want to be when you grew up? When did this change, if it did.
I always wanted to be a doctor. At first it was a heart surgeon, but that interest faded once I graduated high school. While at the University of Florida, it was there that my calling to be chiropractor hit me. And it was divine intervention all the way.

What was your favorite childhood activity and why?
Playing army and football. I’ve always been interested in military history and I love the sport of football. Enough in fact that some wonder why I didn’t serve in the military or become a coach.

Has your writing ever been influenced in any way by this activity?
Perhaps a bit. Being a civil war reenactor, one of my projects is a historical fiction set during this time period (go figure). And my knowledge on military tactics and history helps me to write about it in my books.

What was your favorite book as a teen and why?
As a teen, it was the Dark Tower Trilogy by Dennis L. McKiernan; the first true fantasy books I ever read. The content, the cover art, the voice; it all captured me and kept me.

What was your favorite subject in high school and why? Least favorite and why?
Science. I was good at it. English wasn’t too far off.
Least? Math. I ended up taking Calc 2, and never used a lick.

Do you have children? If, so, what age group (0-7, 8-14, 15-20, adults).
Yes, 3. Elisabeth 10, George 7 (soon 8), and Faith 28 months. And yes, we are done with three.

When do you find time to write and how do you manage it?
At night when they are asleep. Sometimes, the kids will play downstairs in the same room while I type (yes, at times difficult), but I’m able to spend time with them as well.

How do you find time/manage writing while attending school or working full-time at another job?
I write during down time or in between patient visits.

How does your spouse/significant other respond to the demands writing takes on your time, energy & finances?
She is awesome and encouraging. She understands there are times when I need to go and write and not be disturbed. I know there are moments when she wants to spend time with me. I make time, and the neat thing is that it doesn’t interfere with our relationship because we are on one accord.

If your child declared they were going to be an author while a senior in high school, how would you respond?
I think it would be fantastic, but I would still want them to pursue a solid career which could provide for them while their writing took off.

If your daughter wants to marry an author who is just starting out and has no other job, what would you tell her? If your son wants to marry an author… Does it make a difference?
Again, based on what I’ve gone through, I would want my kids to be established in something. But all this stems on their relationship with Jesus and what His instructions are for their lives. If God guides, He will provide.

What one book do you think everyone should read and why?
The Bible. It has everything you need.

What is your ultimate vacation spot and why?
I couldn’t answer that one. I’ve never really had an in depth thought on where my ultimate spot would be. Now, there are a lot of places I’d like to visit, but there are too many to list.

Would you rather go on vacation alone or with others? Why?
With others, especially my family. I love them and would like to create and share memories with them.

When you go on vacation, do you write or work on WIP?
Yes. Most of the time I take my laptop and I write.

What would happen if you lost the ability to type or speak?
God would provide a way for me to do something. Whether it pertained to writing or something else, I trust Him. Hey, now wouldn’t that make an interesting book?

What do you do as a hobby? Have you had to stop or reduce the amount of time you spend doing it?
Several things. I like to hunt more than fish, I do civil war reenactments, tabletop wargames, make music on my computer, mess with my kids. Hunting and fishing has been on hiatus briefly until we can find a place to hunt. Everything else is on par.

Do you volunteer anyplace? Have you in the past? If not, do you wish you could and where would it be?
I actually held a youth street ministry for about 3 months. I called it “Night Vision”. It was held at a building called the Vision. With the light of God, you can see through the darkness (thus the name). I loved it. It faded away, for one reason or another, but the experience and the youths I was able to speak to was worth it. In fact, a bit of that experience was worked into my sci-fi project.

If you could live in or have another house in another country or place, where would it be and why?
Based on beauty with what I’ve seen, New Zealand looks awesome. Then again, there are some beautiful places secluded in the forests of the US I haven’t tapped into yet.

If space-flight became viable during your lifetime, would you take a trip to Mars or elsewhere? Why or why not?
Yes. The experience, man! But just to visit.

Would you live in a space colony on another planetary surface? Why or why not?
Nope. I like it here, thank you.

What genre of movies do you like to attend?  Do you go to the movie theatre much anymore or watch on TV like Pay Per View or Netflix?
War movies, action/super hero, fantasy. Movie theatres not too much now. The costs are stupid, and let’s not get into a discussion over their snacks. Netflix, nope. Pay per view very rare.

If there were no restrictions of any sort (time, money, etc) what would you love to do and why?
That’s a tricky one. My first thought would be to buy an awesome home that would cater to my family’s needs as well as have a mind-boggling hobby room. One that would have a writing room on the side and a gaming area where I can hold my wargames. I would run my chiropractic business only part time while using the rest to write, reenact, and hang with family.

Do you think people who are especially good at something, writers, singers, musicians, artists, etc, were born with talent or can it be fostered throughout a lifetime?
They are blessed with the talent. It is by choice whether they tap and nurture what God gave them or not. If not, it stays dormant.

What is your favorite food and why?
Off the top of my head, I would say my dad’s homemade spaghetti. Luckily, I know what goes in, so I can kinda make my own. Hee, hee, hee.

If you were suddenly allergic to that food and could never have it again, what might you do?
Don’t you worry, I have back-ups.

Where in the world is your favorite place and why? Have you ever been? Do you have plans to ever go or go back?
A location away from home? I haven’t been anyplace (yet) with a draw to return as often as I can.

You’ve been asked to choose 5-10 books for a space capsule. What would you choose and why?
Like I said earlier, I have been quite limited on reading a plethora of books like most authors. Based on what I “have” read, it would be: The Bible (self-explanatory), The Dark Tower Trilogy by Dennis L. McKiernan (great story),  Lord of the Rings (classic read), Mary K. Baxter’s “Divine Revelation” series (truth of spiritual warfare and how to succeed in your Christian
walk), Antietam: The Soldier’s Battle by Michael Priest (hour by hour account, very detailed and amazing). That’s about 14 or 15 books right there.

What is your greatest fear about being an author? What about in life?
“If” I had to list a fear, it would be not being read. In life, failure to succeed. But with Christ in my life, I will not fail and I am already succeeding. With God, I defeated “fail” a long time ago.

Do you believe in karma? Why or why not?
Destiny? Yes. God has a plan. Whether you choose to pursue the potential laid out for you is up to you. And the neat thing is this, whatever you picture, God can and will outdo your expectations.

Are you superstitious?

Have you ever had a paranormal experience or know someone who did? If so, tell us about it.
Yes, many. I’ve talked to several of my friends who are reenactors and they’ve had sightings and EVP recordings at Civil War battlefields of voices and images. Some have been “personal”. One guy was walking along a path at Gettysburg (filming the movie) and a Union soldier stepped out from the woods, waited for him to approach, and then handed him two items. The soldier said “You’ll need these.” My friend looked down and saw two period cartridges for his musket. When he looked back up, the soldier was nowhere to be seen.
(Wow, that’s worth some goosebumps.)

How old do you hope to live to? What do you think will happen to you when you die?
Until rapture occurs. Whether before or after rapture, either way I will be celebrating the rest of my life in heaven with God the Father and all those who made it before me.

If Science could make immortality possible, would you do it? Why or why not?
No, because living here will not match what is waiting for me.

Do you have a ‘bucket list’? If so, tell us a few things you’d like to do before moving on.
Before I die, I’d like to be a world renown author, watch my kids be the success they are destined to be, do things with them like my dad did with me, help bring countless folks to Christ through my words (spoken and written),  

Write your own six-word memoir.
I came, I saw, I’m victorious.

Write a Twitter tweet about your next release. (140 characters)
Can a sheltered adolescent cleric lead a host of colorful misfits to thwart the abomination from fulfilling the dark prophecies before they kill each other?

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Moonsanity said...

Wow, what a wonderful interview! The questions were very unique:) Nick-- my kids are 17, 16 and 10 now, but I've been writing since before my youngest was born. I always had the computer downstairs where they could play and watch television with me in sight. I had to learn how to focus in the midst of chaos, but it worked! Now they are older and are always trying to make me get off the computer so they can use it. I think it was easier when they were toddlers:)

I'll be watching for your book!

am I still me? said...

Looking forward to owning this trilogy! Great interview. No doubt where your heart and head are, great witness. Can't wait to have my kids read about Nanthara.

Karen McGrath said...

Excellent interview! Favorite answer was how old do you hope to live -until the rapture - love it!

Nick Giannaras said...

Hey all,
Wow, had a time trying to get a response posted. I am flattered to see such cool responses and anticipation for my work coming up. I also found out yesterday that MuseItUp has accepted my 2nd book in the series, Sacrifice of Heroes. I know I've been given a God given talent and intend to use it to help deliver a message in an entertaining way for the youth, yet the adults get a kick out of the story as well.
Good luck to everyone else's current and future work.