Thursday, July 29, 2010

Help for Teen Writers and Writers of Teen Stories

Have a manuscript you're afraid to submit to an agent or publisher because you're just not sure it's right?

Maybe you have an idea for a story or book but you're not sure how to start or where to go from here.

This blog is for you.

It is a place for teen writers or writers for teens to ask questions, check your words, interact with other writers and readers. This is your place - your hangout. So don't be shy. Post a question, comment, post a poem or excerpt and let's talk about your writing and make it good enough to be get published. After all, that's why we write. Right?

You can check out my own website at YA/MG Fantasy Author, Rebecca Ryals Rusell. I have written the first two books of a series for YA Dark Fantasy called Seraphym Wars - the first of which, Odessa, is available at Amazon or any place eBooks are sold, by Muse It Up Publishing. It's coming out later as a printed volume.

I am also working on a MG series called Stardust Warriors. Several books are scheduled for release beginning with Zarena in July 2011.

In addition I have several Picture Books for which I've been looking at publishing houses, but haven't found the right one yet.