Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fear of Change

Hey all,
I know many of you who write and those who want to have several fears: fear of the unknown, of rejection, of failure, of change. First of all, fear sucks and should not be part of anyone's vocabulary. It is nothing more than a weapon of negativity made to destroy anything positive. It's kind of like adding black paint into white paint. It only takes a little to change the entire outcome.
Well, let's keep this in mind and discuss fear of change, particularly how it applies to writing. My first novel (Secrets Revealed) was written as I pictured it "and curses on those who want to make changes!"
That was how I used to think. My content editor, Chris Speakman, she rocks, started carving the story even further by adding a bit here, cutting out a lot there. What? Look what you are doing to my story! That's not the way I wrote it.
Firstly, after I got my mindset straight and was willing to do whatever it took to make the story better, I listened to her. She's seasoned, I wasn't. After seeing what she was doing, Chris wasn't changing the story, she was improving it by making sure it flowed. As my novel began to take on a different form, it sounded better, especially when I compared it to what I first wrote. Geez, no wonder I was rejected before.
The biggest thing for me, pertaining to this topic, was accepting the fact that change is not harmful and doing drastic things (at times) can be quite beneficial. In working on the second book of my trilogy (Sacrifice of Heroes), I've already made changes in chunks that would have freaked me out before. Yet in learning a bunch with Chris, I've been able to apply those lessons to improve my writing.
Don't be afraid of change in writing and in life. One church lesson taught me this: if you want something you never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done. That is, change positions.
God bless and keep writing.

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