Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Science Fiction, Science Fact or Fantasy...

It's great to be here today! My name is Rosalie Skinner and I write Epic Fantasy with a twist of Science Fiction. Why did I choose this genre?
Well, we are surrounded with science facts. Gene mapping, clones, implants, microchips, GPS and nanobots and satellites are all factual. The idea of computer obession and total immersion virtual worlds are not so far out of our reach. So when I started writing, the temptation proved too great. I wanted to include these ideas in my epic Fantasy. Strangely they fitted in well. 

My hero comes from a world where space travel is common place. His background as an obsessed teenager, totally focused on his progression through a virtual reality game, works in well with his epic fantasy quest. He must learn to survive in a world similar to those he has experienced while competing in the Game. 

The world of The Chronicles of Caleath include magic, dragons, alien species, heroes and heroines. There are visitors from other worlds, but most of the characters are home grown in a world where magic happens.

Caleath's adventures include several seafaring journeys. Book One opens when he survives a shipwreck. His plan to escape back to the stars begins to unravel soon after. He must survive being hunted by off world assassins while trying to help the people of the southern continent destroy another alien species that threatens them.

It is the little twists of combining science fact, science fiction and fantasy that has made writing the Chronicles so much fun. There are no limits to what you put into your stories, as long as you follow a few simple rules.

Keep your readers believing. Share your ideas with simple concepts, familiar ideas and common sense characters. Even outrageous ideas must have some basis for belief. 

Keep your plot moving. Every scene should push the plot forward. 

Keep your characters true to their nature. No matter what they face, they must behave consistently. They should grow and develop as they face challenges, but only within the realms of believability.

Have fun!!

The eight books in the Chronicles of Caleath are coming soon from Museitup Publishing.

Thanks for your time!!
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Karen Cote said...

Wow...just learned a little more about you Rosalie and what a fascinating character and imagination. Thanks sharing a part of yourself. This was entertaining.

Wendy said...

Nice article. Sounds like you had plenty of fun writing your epic fantasy. That is sure to make for a wonderful read, eight times! :)

I like your writing tips too. Thanks for the advice. The hero on your cover is very attractive.

Charlie said...

The books sound absolutely divine! And I definitely admire your stamina to spit out such a collection. Great job.
C.K. Volnek

Pat McDermott said...

These books sound right up the alleys of today's teens, and I can think of more than one adult who'd enjoy them. Quite a project, Rosalie. All the best to you and your Chronicles!

Marva Dasef said...

I'm sure I'll be reading these. Right up my alley!

In my own writing, I don't like to mix fantasy elements with my SF. Since I grew up on the golden oldies of science fiction, I just see them as separate genres. That doesn't mean I don't read and enjoy the hybrids. I just don't write them myself.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Hi Karen, Wendy, Charlie, Pat and Marva,
Thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked the snippets of background to the Chronicles.
I love Sci fi Marva, but the temptation to mix and match gave me scope to explore and invent quests that I hope feel fresh and unique to the genre.
Teens and adults seem to enjoy the books Pat, some of the concepts are more adult, but there is nothing really that should worry a teenager.
Charlie, the story evolved. It was an obsession and a pleasure writing them. Editing and re writing.. now that was more work. Learning the art of writing.. ditto. The story was easy.
Thanks Wendy. Matt is a great model. I am very thankful for his generosity in posing for the covers.
Karen, glad you found the article entertaining. It is hard for a hermit to share bits of themselves, but as authors, I guess that's what we do when we write... even when we cloak it in Fantasy.
Shh... just don't tell anyone OK?