Friday, July 8, 2011

Forgetting, Writing, and all that Good Stuff

Oops! Pays to look at my calendar so I wouldn't miss my turn to post!

So today's appropriate topic: procrastination, forgetting and writing.

Inevitably, as much as you try to keep organized, things get messed up and you forget. Like today, even after someone wondered how I keep writing-freelancing-miniatures and whatever else in line?

Ha! Answer? I don't always, but I try.

Writing is discipline and deadlines. Even being regrettably late here, I still want to put a post in, hence these off-the-cuff thoughts.

Working on my current will-I-ever-get-done project, I keep adding and changing, tightening and fixing. I'd thought I was done at 45,000 words but other ideas helped smooth out the story and make it fuller. So the goal is 60,000 and I have about 2,000words to go. Easy? Well it's like the loooongest 2k of my life!

But I keep at it. Discipline. Even if all I wrote was 500 or 100 or 50 words, it's that much closer to the goal. That's the real secret to writing. Yes, keep a word count; keep a diary to see your progress and so you can see where you are, but mostly, keep at it. Eventually you get there. Really.

Christine Verstraete, nonfiction and fiction:
In Miniature Style II, The Killer Valentine Ball, Searching for a Starry Night

* Feel free to share: what are you working on and how do you keep on track?


BarbaraB said...

Chris, overcoming procrastination is an ongoing struggle for me. It's not that I'm not doing anything; I stay busy, but with too many things.

Chris V. said...

Hi Barbara, I can understand that; but with me, last minute is usually best. Then I know I have to get it done. haa!

Charlie said...

Hi Chris, This is my biggest hurdle, especially lately. Seems with the book birthday coming up, I can't ever catch up. But like you, I try. I keep a list and update it day to day. Thanks for sharing.
C.K. Volnek