Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Use Your Winter Break Wisely

By YA author Andrea Buginsky

Winter break is coming up for students, and for those of you who write, it will provide not only a break from studies, but also an ample opportunity to get some writing done. But since the break is only a few weeks long, you’ll want to use your time wisely.

First, set yourself a schedule. Input any family events that are taking place during your break, as well as plans you’ve made to spend time with friends. Now, look at your calendar, and see what you have open. Mark down specific blocks of time you’d like to use for writing on your calendar. It’s a good idea to post a copy of this on the refrigerator or your bedroom door to remind your family not to disturb you during your writing time.

Now that you have your holiday writing schedule set up, it’s time to get organized to take the most advantage of it. Plan on what you’d like to write about. Do you currently have a story you’ve been longing to get back to? Outline a few chapters or make some notes on what you’d like to write over your break. Do you have ideas for new stories? Plot them out with note cards or a story map. Anything you can plan in advance so you can sit down and actually write will allow you to be more productive during your writing time.

Once your scheduled writing time approaches, make sure you have a quiet place to work. If you have your own bedroom, this is the perfect place. Close your door, post a “do not disturb” sign on it, sit down at your desk, and get to work. If you share a room with a sibling, talk to him or her in advance about arranging an activity during your writing time so you can have the room to yourself.

Unfortunately, interruptions can’t always be helped. If you do find yourself losing some of your writing time, don’t fret. Get back on your schedule as soon as you can, and dig in to the work. The more you can relax and not worry about the interruptions, the more work you’ll get done. Have fun, and enjoy your break!

Andrea Buginsky is the author of "The Chosen," available from Solstice Publishing. On sale for the Amazon Kindle for the holidays for 99 cents!

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