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The fun of writing Paranormal Fantasy...

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My first attempt at writing YA Paranormal Fantasy came about when I was invited to join a team creating a Computer and Card interactive game GEMREALMS with Paradise Arts. 

Given beautifully depicted drawings of creatures, from half orc/elf to an Azerith, a half human/lobster, and the outline of the game objectives, I was allowed to let my imagination create the storyline of each character. 

This is a glimpse into their paranormal adventure... we meet Malika (an elfin healer) Hugo (an elf/orc half breed) and Fussel, (a Yacreen: an underground creature) rather less imposing than the hammer swinging orc/elf.

“Trust me, Malika, we need to keep moving. Fussy, come on lad. The lady has already risked everything to bring you back, don’t waste the opportunity to live a little longer.”

“Hugo…” Fussel’s eyes opened. Mud streaked his grey skin and a distinctive smell of damp earth accompanied every move he made. “Ahh… I remember the lightning. Nothing good followed, to be sure, to be sure. This rain, it is over-rated, Hugo. Can we go home yet?”

“Soon, Fussy. We need you on your feet, unless you want me to carry you?” Hugo offered, smiling as Fussel’s eyes opened wide and his face screwed into an indignant pout. “I take that as a ‘no’?”

“Carry me? You!” Fussel scrambled to his feet, sending streams of water moving as he threw away Malika’s cloak. “I am fine.”

“That worked better than my spells!” Malika caught the cloak and shook it once before wrapping it around her own shoulders.

“I fear we are too late.” Hugo sniffed and gripped his battle hammer. Before he could raise a spell of protection, the air chilled although no breeze disturbed the torch flame. Fussel cocked his head, as if he too sensed sudden danger. “I guess Lamia is ‘in’.”

“Lamia, the seductress vampire? She doesn’t exist does she, except in children’s tales?” Malika licked her lips and wrung the fabric of her cloak between her hands. “Tell me you are joking, Hugo.”

“No one jokes in Lamia’s realm, Malika.” Hugo dropped the torch as his spell crafted flames spluttered and died. “Trust me, she offers little in the way of levity or mirth.”

“Although described as more beautiful than moonrise and more powerful than night.” A smooth voice shimmered through the still air. In the gloom, Hugo watched Fussel stagger against the wall, while Malika covered her mouth as if she bit back on a scream.

“Lamia.” Hugo did not turn, or try to see the creature he addressed. “Don’t look into her eyes, Fussel, Malika. Let me do the talking.” He added, daring to offend the vampire in her lair. “Lamia, it has been a long time.”

“Hugo?” the voice sounded close. The air grew colder. “Have you brought me a gift? How sweet. A healer, you know I cannot resist the blood of a healer.”

“Ahh… these bodies are not for you, Mistress of the Night.” Hugo swallowed and turned as he felt the presence of the vampire emerge from the deepest recess of the shelter. “I know of an Azerith and two humans though, with warm blood pumping.” He could see the vampire now, despite the lack of light. She owned a dark tempting beauty few living souls could resist. “They left without offering you your due.”

“Will you share the hunt with me, Hugo?”

“Not this time, Lamia. I am on a mission. Have we permission to shelter from the storm in your domain?”

“Permission?” Lamia’s cold laughter chilled Hugo’s blood. Fussel and Malika clutched each other, their eyes showed white around dark irises. “I will not stop you entering or leaving, but I do not live here alone. Other creatures share my labyrinth. They only feed through the night hours. Do not stay too long. You know I can offer no assurance of safety once you step into the shadows.”

“We will not disturb your shadows. It is shelter and warmth we seek. Our path takes us to the Ravaged Goblin Realms. Azira has been up to her old tricks”

“Azira?” the vampire tossed her head and spat the name as if it tasted of poison. “Then you are welcome to travel through my halls, Hugo Orc Elf. You can save your weak companions three days of travel in terrible weather.” Lamia’s voice lifted in laughter.
 “If you dare.”

Thanks for dropping in today. Hope you enjoyed this peak at THE HEALER'S QUEST. I hope to keep working on this novel in the near future. I have permission from the owner of the game,  Nstarstudios to post the pics I was working from. So much fun. A new and exciting experience, although the project is still in the creation process, writing for the characters taught me a lot about creating interesting character traits, backgrounds, cultures and the world they inhabit.

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Wendy said...

Good to know Fussel is all right. They have quite an adventure ahead of them in The Healers Quest. I hope you get permission to post those pictures. It will be very interesting to see how you were inspired to create these characters and your science fiction fantasy world. That would make a great workshop.

Your post inspired me to look for pictures to spark ideas for my fantasy characters and I found a fabulous one already which I will constantly refer to. Would make a perfect cover. The trouble is it is offered as a free wallpaper download. Still it will be a great behind-the-scenes help in my writing.

Thanks for this Rosalie.