Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Writing of Live and Let Fly

Rebecca asked me to write about why I wrote Live and Let Fly.  Really the answer is simple:  the story was in my head and if I didn’t write it, it would have driven me nuts!

That is the long and short of my life as a writer.  I get a story in my head; it grows until I am seeing, hearing, even feeling the characters living it out, until I am cleaning the kitchen while arguing with some Norse god.  If I don’t perform an exorcism by getting it onto paper, I can easily see the day that my husband comes home to find me curled in a chair with that blank “watching TV” look people get.  Only I won’t be watching TV; I’ll be living whatever adventure my characters have set for me.  It’s Virtual Reality 1.0.

It’s been a couple of years and even more stories since I wrote Live and Let Fly, so I don’t remember exactly why I chose a spy spoof for the next adventure for my dragon detective, Vern, and his partner, Sister Grace.  I do remember thinking that I wanted them to have a more dangerous case than the one in their first novel, Magic, Mensa and Mayhem, or the ones in their short stories.  To do that, I needed to get them out of their comfort zone: Los Lagos, Colorado, where the Faerie world and ours intersect.  And, if they’re going abroad, they might as well have secret agents and all the fun clichés they bring.

That’s another reason I wrote Live and Let Fly:  I love to laugh.  I love to take old stereotypes and make something new.  My character, Rakness, Stan Rakness, carries a lot of James Bond characteristics yet has a style all his own, like being more aware of his own cheesiness and playing into it when it suits.  I love puns.  I love to put characters in wacky situations—like when the rescue party gets trapped and attacked by a giant game board.

I like adding new dimensions to known characters, too.  Loki is actually kind of a nice father to Hel; he visits her in the dark world of Helheim and encourages her to laugh (they watch YouTube videos of practical jokes) and to decorate her kitchen in Japanese anime cats.

Because the DragoneEye, PI universe includes both our world and the world of myth, I have a lot of room to play.  I’m already working on the next book, Gapman, which will be a superhero spoof.  I started this one years ago, too, and don’t really remember why I started it other than I had such fun with Live and Let Fly that I wanted to continue to spoofing trend.  Already, I’m coming up with some fun new characters, again by combining clichés and twisting them into something new.  

That, too,is the long and short of being a writer:  finding joy in taking something that’s been done and twisting it into something new.

Live and Let Fly comes out April 20.  If you are interested in ordering it, please comment below and I'll send you a link.  Also check out the scavenger hunt for a chance to win this book and other prizes:  http://dragoneyepi.blogspot.com/p/l-tour-calendar.html.

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