Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Writing Over the Summer

By YA Author Andrea Buginsky

School’s out for summer! That means you finally have three glorious months to write, write, write. So…what are you going to write?

With summer vacation kicking off for most of you, it’s time to decide what writing projects you want to work on this summer. Is there a book you’ve always wanted to write? A manuscript you had to put on hold while writing term papers and studying for exams? Maybe you want to start journaling, or learn to write poetry. Whatever your writing fancy is, you can start making your plans today.

The first part of your plan will be to figure out what you want to work on this summer. Once you’ve decided, you’ll need to figure out what tools you’ll need to work on your writing: is your computer up-to-date and running properly? Do you have the latest updates for  your word processing program and Internet browser? Do you have printer paper, ink, pens, pencils, and notebooks? These are the supplies you will most likely need for your writing projects this summer.

Once you are organized, you can start to make some notes about your project itself. Type up an outline for your book, reread your started manuscript before adding to it, and pick up some helpful writing books from the library. You can also review some basic writing dos and don’ts on the Internet. Here are some great sites to get you rolling this summer:

Book-in-a-Week: Sign up for this website’s monthly participation program where you’ll have a week to write as many pages as you can in your current manuscript. Participants assign themselves a weekly page goal, and then report how many pages they’ve written each day of the week. It’s a great way to get yourself back into your writing, and have the support you need to do it.

Writer’s First Aid: This weekly blog posting will help you get over the hurdles you face while trying to write.

ICL Chat: This weekly online chat can provide you with plenty of inspiration for your writing. Though the group is specifically for children’s writers, including MG and YA, all writers are welcome to join. Teen writers will fit right in, as you are also the target audience for many participants, and your input would be very welcomed.

Writer’s Digest.com: An all-in-one website for writing tips and tools, a community of writers you can join, and plenty of resources.

These websites should get you started if you find yourself a little rusty. So find yourself a nice quiet spot to work, such as your room or the library, and enjoy three glorious months of writing what you want to write!

Happy writing!

Andrea Buginsky is the author of :
"The Chosen," a YA fantasy; and "My Open Heart," an autobiography for adolescents growing up with heart disease or other chronic illnesses.

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Carrie Green, www.CarrieGreenBooks.com said...

Wonderful post for writers! It brings back my own summer vacations and my favorite spot to write (on extra long legal pads) which was the back porch. It was quiet and private. Loved to look at the garden in-between composing my manuscripts!

Andrea Buginsky said...

I'm so glad the post brought back such sweet memories for you, Carrie! Perhaps you can grab a new legal pad and sit on your back porch this summer :)