Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tying up Loose Ends...

How many times have you watched a tv show or movie or read a book and decided the ending didn't live up to the rest of the story?
It's important when crafting a novel, and especially a series, to have the ending worth waiting for.

As I work through edits of my own novels I realize that with eight books culminating in a final few scenes, the  plot and sub plots need to tie up in a satisfactory manner.

As previously mentioned in this  blog, some authors write off the cuff, letting the story take them on an adventure. Others meticulously work out each scene, chapter, conflict and resolution before they start writing.

I have found a middle of the road scheme works for me. I like to know how things finish up and what skills, life changing moments and challenges need to be overcome before or during the final conflict. 

With eight books to work with, and a final challenge driving my hero through each adventure, the need to do some plotting is essential.

Still... It's a lot of fun.

 Characters still take on their own life. They do not necessarily behave the way I expect in a scene. 

Before writing any given scene, knowing the stimulus, the reactions and the outcome is important, but I do work through each character's reaction, before putting pen to paper. 

Each character is driven by personal motivation. Not necessarily for or against the protagonist.

 They will each have their own agenda for being in the story. These should tie in with the overall theme, the main character's progression through learning processes and perhaps a sub plot that involves the secondary character in the main character's challenges.

Sounds confusing. In short... if you have a story itching to make its way onto paper, whichever means works for you, embrace it. 

Once you have your manuscript completed, there is plenty of time to go through it and tighten plots, cull characters who don't add to the over all scheme of things and correct any obvious plot holes or devices that might crop up. 

Making sure every sub plot, every unresolved challenge and every character has a role, is vital to give the readers a satisfactory story. So, tie up the loose ends or your plot will unravel. Take notes if you need, plot, write off the cuff, but make sure you tell the whole story and ensure your readers feel as if they have shared the adventure and not missed a trick.

Now, I have just completed going through the final galley for INVADED: The Darkest Day... a new adventure for Caleath.

 Book Five in the series, but a stand alone adventure that comes five years after the final battle in EXILED: The Battle for Enderseer Hold.

The Chronicles of Caleath are on Facebook... 

Book FIVE is now available from Museitup Publishing.

 Thanks, my name is Rosalie Skinner... I am the author of eight book sci fi fantasy series the Chronicles of Caleath and also an editor for Museitup Publishing. Thanks for your time.

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