Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Observing life as an author.

 Did you step up for the Nanowrimo challenge? Fifty thousand words in one month?

This year I let the glove lie. With edits for book six in the Chronicles of Caleath, edits for Museitup Publishing, and taking on the responsibility of going through submissions I left forcing myself to write in a rush till another quieter year.

Still... I have been tinkering with ideas. The Muse is never quiet for too long.

So, what inspires you to write?

Asked to take a workshop for a writers' group I have spent some time wondering how I could adapt my Fantasy writing workshops for writers who focus on poetry, short stories, and memoirs.

An over all look at writing leads me to think authors are in the most part voyeurs. We need to be observers, not always involved, but able to take some information from any situation. Everyday life is where we gather material for later use.

Sitting around a table drinking coffee and chatting with a few new faces my writer's instinct kicked in.

There was the elderly gentleman with the glasses with one arm missing, facing life through a warped perspective as though nothing was amiss.

The woman who arrived with paint still in her hair. A feeble streak of grey in a head of dark brown. Of course my imagination takes flight.

There was the young woman, attractive and open, writing a journal. Eager to capture her own material?
The poets, pouring forth their emotions. What need does poetry meet? The enthusiasm for creating verse showed in the writers' stance, gestures, expression and breathless hesitation as they waited for reaction.

Another short story writer, sharing a moment of her past. A fleeting glimpse into 'the good old days'?
I didn't take notes then, but I came away with memories to call on when writing a crowd scene. The intensity of gazes, the habitual tics, the quietly spoken, the loud opinionated, those who watched, those who participated.

North wall...where the waves are bigger than the  dogs.
Everyday life offers us so many moments. Walking the dogs, meeting strangers, enjoying the sunshine, the breeze, getting surprised by a wave, finding the dogs bowled off their feet and dumped among the rocks. All moments of drama we can survive and archive for the right moment in our writing.

Writing what you know... writing from experience... makes us keen observers of all that takes place around us. What a wonderful way to go through life. :)

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